Three Reasons to Use an SEO Reseller

Seo reseller program

Before starting a small business, many people have never heard the term SEO, and even when they find out it stands for Search Engine Optimization, facial expressions still remain blank. That blissful naivete is a luxury no one in the business world can afford, however, because the fact of the matter is a business will have a hard time growing and succeeding without an effective SEO campaign. So, who should perform these vital services? There are essentially three choices: hire an expert, do it in-house, or outsource to an SEO reseller. Having an expert on staff would be lovely, but that is an expense far outside the financial capabilities of most small businesses and marketing firms. So, either figure out the best strategy yourself, and how to implement it, while performing your regular tasks as well, or consider how to be the best with an SEO reseller. Although having all marketing done in house would be nice in many ways, there are three reasons in particular why an SEO reseller would be the best choice for most businesses.

  1. SEO Needs Expertise: Imagine a business owner that rolls up their sleeves and takes on the SEO challenge. Alright, now what? It’s one thing to decide to do it, quite another to know how. Sure, there are blogs giving tips and how-to articles by the dozen, but there is a reason an SEO expert can command a good salary, and it is not because it is easy to master.
  2. SEO Changes Constantly: For the sake of argument, imagine again the poor soul trying to pick up SEO on the weekend. Well, Google, who sets SEO standards, has reported that it updates the algorithm for SEO over 500 times every year. Clearly, this is not a field where even an expert can rest upon their laurels. A novice, with no one teaching them, will have a hard time producing any results at all.
  3. Outside Perspective: Even if it was a workable option, planning your own SEO campaign is a bit like a fish living in a fish bowl in the middle of the ocean. That fish knows its territory and understands every aspect of its daily concerns, but has no awareness of how anything outside its world would see it. A business owner of course understands their own business and industry, but not the views or questions of those that do not. An SEO reseller would come in with fresh eyes and fresh ideas. When consulting about your ideas on how to be the best with an SEO reseller,they can ask those questions and produce a stronger strategy.

It is a fact that 61% of people around the world that are online use the internet to research products, but 75% of users never go past the first page of search engine results and 70% or more ignored paid ads. For a company to not prioritize SEO is a dangerous decision, especially when they could make use of an outside resource to do it. In the end, best to discuss how to be the best with an SEO reseller than hope to survive without one.


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