If You Don’t Know SEO, your Company Could be in Trouble

Seo reseller training

If you want to know how to be the best with an SEO reseller or how to get trained by an SEO reseller it’s good to know the importance of the product. The product in this case is search engine optimization for companies in order to most efficiently use the Internet for marketing campaigns. Outsourcing SEO or learning the SEO trade are both options for a company engaged in any online marketing.

It’s no secret that consumers use the Internet, and in fact they use it to research products 61% of the time, so it is essential for products to have easily accessible information out there. A company’s site needs to be easily searchable, as a search engine like google is 300% more likely to direct a client to a webpage than if they are using social media.

Outbound leads come from traditional print marketing, mailings, or cold calls, and inbound leads are from search engine optimization. There is a big difference between the two in that inbound leads are 61% less costly than outbound, and have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound close rate is only 1.7%.

The importance of the search engine cannot be overestimated: Online sessions start with a search engine 93% of the time. Search engine optimization ensures that a website appears high in a list of hits on a search, which is crucial because a majority of users will actually not look past the first page of the search results. This means that competition is high for those first few slots, and your company should be in there in order to be able to compete.

Your company needs to know how to be the best with an SEO reseller, and the investment is worth a lot. It’s just like investing money in printed materials, mailings, billboards, and paying attention to what advertisements actually get to the consumer, which these days, is via searching the Internet.

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