The Origin of Pizza – Cooking Advice Now

The ink on pizza is typically thought of as a symbol of Italy. But the truth is that pizza has a long and complicated time line. Let’s examine the origins of pizza.

While pizza is a product of Italy currently, the pizza was invented in Greece. In earlier Greece the flatbread was the most common dish. They were an everyday meal in Greece. Flatbreads were a common meal for the Greeks were able to add various toppings for their flatbreads.

This flatbread dish would survive many years and make it into Italy. Pizza was considered a food item only to the poor in its beginning days. Raffaele Eposito who was a pizza maker could make pizzas popular.

Raffaele was asked to design a special pizza for Queen Elizabeth. Queen Victoria’s name is margarita and that’s the place where margarita pizza was invented. Pizza chef Eugene chose to create an Italian-inspired pizza, using ingredients that would match the colors of the Italian flag. The ingredients of mozzarella, basil and tomato were also included.

It was pizza that Italian immigrants brought to America as they came to America. Over time pizza become more popular, which brings us to the point we are at today. The story of pizza’s origin is told in the form of pizza.



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