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These are the things to keep in mind before hiring an individual to install fencing. Fence services don’t all look identical, and you’ll need to inquire about certain things in order to decide if you’re able to work with them. Find out which questions you need to inquire about fence companies prior to selecting them.

It is best to first inquire “Do you have the appropriate authorization to perform work in my home?” There are different kinds of licensing which limit what types of projects can be completed. A contractor could be licensed but do not possess the appropriate licensing.

The second step is to ask “Can you look up your work’ comp and general liability policy?” For the sake of ensuring that you are covered, you don’t want to engage anyone without verifying the insurance coverage of their company. You can be held responsible for fence companies that aren’t insured or an employee gets injured in your yard.

Then, inquire “Can I get a copy of your workmanship warranty?” If the fence is not constructed correctly from the beginning the warranty for workmanship covers any repairs that are required. It is important to be aware that you can get repairs if required without paying more.

If you have more questions to inquire about a fence company prior to employing them, view the video below!



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