What is Coastal Erosion? – Free Encyclopedia Online


It sounds complicated. However, it is really quite simple. In this video, we will go over the basic principles of erosion along the coast as well as the steps you can do about it to lessen it.

The waves can be a source of chaos. The waves can be extremely destructive. They typically crash against the shore with great force. Even though these waves sometimes deposit sediment, most of the time this can lead to sediments breaking free from the coast and then slide into the sea. As time passes, the erosion is able to eat away at the coastline which causes it to sink or be worn away. It is triggered when there’s the water is crashing or moving. It also happens on seas and in lakes. Protecting your coastline from erosion is essential if you’re located on the coasts or in lakes. What can you do to keep your coast safe from erosion?

One of the main ways to reduce the erosion of coastal areas is to use seawall control. Seawall erosion control is the construction of coastal barriers to stop beach breakers from taking away shorelines. Bulkheads, revetments and others can be helpful. To break up the waves, you might also create breakwaters. These are generally constructed of rocks further off the coast. There are also natural solutions for mangrove trees, such as the planting of Mangrove trees.



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