Some Of The Best Kit Cars For Beginners – Reference Books Online

been interested in starting building car kits but don’t know how to begin, here are the top kits for novices.

The first kit car we’ll take a explore is the MEV Exocet. The Exocet kit car requires around 100 hours to make and will cost around 9,000 USD. The way this kit is built allows it to take over the body part of an Miata. This allows you to lower your weight

We’ll be considering the Factory Five GTM as our next model car. The kit is estimated to have a production time of approximately 600 hours, and the estimated cost to complete is between 35,000 and 50,000 dollars. The car is built to compete with supercars such as Porche. One of the most interesting facts about this vehicle is it’s ability to travel 60 miles an hour in just three seconds.

The last kit car we’ll be looking at is the DF Goblin. The kit for the DF Goblin takes 100 hours to make and costs 12,500 USD. This kit is straightforward to construct and provides the highest value-for-money.



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