How to Groom a Golden Retriever – North Texas Cat Rescue

This video will help you discover more about pet groomers. In this video, you will learn how to take care of a Golden Retriever with particular, but can apply to all hairy dogs. First, you’ll need turn on your water heater and warm it. When the water is warm the nails can be cut nails. You must be vigilant when cutting nails to not hit or hurt a nerve. Make sure your dog gets a thorough rinse. The dog will be able to wash out the dirt or loose hair. Shedding in a long-haired dog is normal. Regular trimmings will not stop the shed. It will only help to make the amount that is shed decrease. When you’re ready to shampoo your dog, ensure that you only use shampoo designed specifically for dogs. Animals may get sick when using normal shampoo. Shampoo can be introduced as a gradual process to a dog that is very nervous. If not, this could turn out to be the most frightening experience for them and could lead to them being scared of groomers in the future. To find out more about dog grooming, keep watching the video. eh3sjhnv7t.


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