How To Do A Mulch Service Like The Pros – Best Self-Service Movers

ifully landscaped yard filled with trees, bushes and plants. A large part of the perfectly maintained lawn is mulch. Many people do not realize the ability and art to an effective mulching process. For the best landscape, it is essential to understand these three factors.

First thing to remember is that the mulch shouldn’t be more than two or three inches. Three inches should be the deepest your mulch gets. Another thing to remember is that the mulch shouldn’t ever be touching the base of the trees. It is not only a huge accumulation of mulch on top of the tree an eye-sore however, it’s also very harmful for trees and the plants. It attracts insects and encourages disease, and wood rot.

Also, you should make sure that you take away any mulch out of your garden prior to using it again. If the mulch remains after a year, it will get pushed down on top of dirt and become an obstruction. This will prevent the dirt from getting oxygen and water. If you’re not sure you want to rotate your mulch then take the mulch off and then replace it.



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