X Ways to Keep Away Roof Leaks During the Winter – Roofing and Siding News

er. The video highlights ways to prevent roof leaks. To prepare for winter call the local roofing company.

If you’ve had a snowstorm that is heavy that you have to clear away from your roof as quickly as you can. The weight of snow could cause roof damage or lead to the development of ice dams. In addition, excessive snow damages your shingles and plywood.

To prevent ice from building up. As snow melts and turns into ice and forms ice dams, they can develop. To prevent the warmth from melting the snow, get rid of any leftover snow. Make sure that doors and windows are sealed with weather strips.

Seal your attic to prevent freezing and condensation getting under the deck. If hot air gets into the attic space the ice dams can form and then condensation can occur. The condensation will drip down and make you believe there’s a leak.

An experienced roofing professional can examine and fix your home in order to stop the leaks.



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