Top Tips for Driving a Golf Cart – Twins ProStore

? In accordance with your state, you can also drive the golf cart on public roads. The video below teaches you to operate a cart.

Put the cart in the car and put the key in the ignition. Make sure you adjust your rearview mirror, and fasten your seat belt. Press the brake pedal with your right foot and turn the vehicle on. Push the button to release the handbrake. Make sure to check both the road as well as your vehicle. Use the reverse button to reverse onto the road.

Once you’ve reversed and come to a complete stop then press the drive button, and accelerate gradually. Reduce speed at intersections, and make sure to stop at stops. You can indicate when you’d like to make a left/right turn slowly, and then gradually make the turn. Park, brake until stopand then push off the emergency brake. The cart will be turned off by twisting the key and taking it away.

The driver must observe all states’ speed limits and comply with federal regulations for driving the cart. You must be more than 14 years old , and you may require a driver’s license to operate a golf cart.



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