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The outdoors is a great place to relax while you also have the possibility for indoor use. Additionally, incorporating outdoor space could increase the value your property, because it provides an additional area for entertaining and relaxation. Be aware of the privacy and the sun it receives when planning outdoor areas.
Smart Technology Integration

Smart technology may be integrated into the bonus space for greater functionality and ease of use. Smart lighting and thermostats are just some examples of smart technology that can be utilized in your bonus room addition. Smart thermostats can remotely control conditions in your bonus zone Smart lighting systems are also controlled by voice or phone commands. Intelligent home automation systems may help you control other aspects of your home including doors and security cameras.

Develop a harmonious look

It’s important to ensure that your bonus room add-on blends in seamless with existing home construction. This is accomplished by fitting the architectural style and design, the roofing style, roof construction as well as the materials utilized within the home. Additionally, it’s important to select colors and finishes that complement the existing home. In order to make your bonus space look like it’s existed as part of your home It is recommended to speak with an expert in interior designing. That’s the ultimate goal: having an addition no one even recognizes exists!

How to Choose the Right Flooring

It’s crucial to select the best flooring option for your bonus space addition. There are a variety of options available in flooring. Although hardwood flooring provides warmth and class, tile could be employed in areas that are likely to get wet. Carpets can provide a warm appearance and feels great the bedroom.



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