How Do Post Tension Cables Work? – Mac OS X Power Tools

The post-tension cables which allow concrete to be solid and strong.

Section-by-section, concrete is laid onto the land dug out. Many people do not be aware of is the cable within the concrete in order to strengthen the structure. The cables are stretched out and tensioned to maximize the area they cover, as well as to provide an underlying strength that is based on tension in the concrete. The cables prevent concrete from cracking and breaking into smaller pieces and strengthens the concrete in general.

Cables are constructed of wires of steel that are braided and then covered with grease and plastic covers. In order to protect them and grease, the grease helps to prevent the cables from getting corroded. The plastic covers protect the cables and keep them from water and weather damage. They cut the cables after the concrete is set and the cables are tightened so they don’t stick out and pose a risk of tripping.

With the cables placed in the concrete, the slab will not be as likely to fracture or to erode into smaller pieces because of its reinforced.



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