Helpful Hacks for Painters – Cool Artwork

us process. It can be a lengthy process, whether it be to be done at home or as an art. There are however some crucial strategies or “hacks” to help artists save time and effort in their next painting assignment.

The art of painting is about dipping your brush then dipping again to get another coating of paint. Make a small jig with the paint you want to use and then attach it to your brush to make sure you don’t have to dip and dip as often. In the video above, you can observe the shape of the bottle and observe the glue-up process to ensure that this effective method works.

A tiny magnet could be utilized to keep the brush to keep it in place. Your brush will always be stored at the same spot as the paint!

The final recommendation is to use a hanger from your closet to serve as to support small items that you are planning to paint. This way, you can effortlessly rotate the door or slab you are spraying and catch every angle of the object.

Learning these techniques by heart will make it easier to implement these tips in your routine painting. For more information on tips, check out the video we have linked above.



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