What Are Temperature Test Chambers Used for? – Geek Support Tech

It’s a videos “Environmental Test Chamber Basics” illustrates how these chambers accomplish their work and also why they’re vital. You’ll learn more about them.

There are four major tests that are conducted in the course of environmental testing. The goal of Design Validation is to determine what the product’s performance at normal temperatures throughout its lifetime. It is conducted using the specification of the product and can be carried out in the RandD stage or even during the production phase. This is the first step to make sure that the machine passes without any failures. This is only to determine whether the machine will work in normal conditions.

The following test is called an Product Validation procedure, where they employ temperature-controlled test chambers that are similar to the ones used in Design Validation, but it’s meant to predict future failures and issues in the original design when the product is in the client’s hands. The following step involves Environment Test Screening, which uses different stresses like thermal cycling to force difficulties to show up. In most cases, it can reveal things you won’t discover until years after.

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