Everything You Should Know About the Monalisa Touch – Rad Center

It’s a non-surgical procedure for regenerating vaginal tissues. A CO2 laser that is fractional is used to make micro-lesions inside vaginal mucosa. These lesions initiate the production of new collagen and begin the process of tissue renewal which can continue for several weeks after the treatment, however, significant improvements are visible after the initial session. With the vaginal mucosa becoming more hydrated and healthy, the epithelium growing more robust and toned, flexible and healthier

Carbon dioxide laser can employed to treat range of different conditions, for example, sun damage, wrinkles birthmarks, warts and rhinophyma. This laser, called Monalisa touch, which is similar to the technology it can alleviate painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, laxity irritation, burns sensations, and urinary incontinence. Women often notice improvement in these symptoms after only a few treatments or just one. The Monalisa Touch treatment is typically performed in three distinct procedures spread over 18 months. While the effects can last for quite a while It is recommended to take only one treatment each year for relief. Treatments last only a few minutes, but its beneficial effects could improve the quality of life as well as relationships.



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