What Is PET Preform Manufacturing? – Reference Books Online


uticals, cosmetics, and drinks and food products. What are the manufacturing processes for these products? The video shows the process of manufacturing from PET preforms.
The manufacturing of PET preforms involves producing PET pellets and making PET preforms. They are put through an injection molding. They go through the machine for injection molding, heated before being melted to form the thick plastic molds. They are then cool after which they are solidified, then formed into the PET shape.
Second, the heating of the preforms. Preforms are then moved to a molder and heat until they’ve become malleable. They are then stretched by pushing them with a stretch rod. Then, a huge pressurized air blow into the preforms in order to increase their size. The mold is then filled with preforms exactly in the same design as the item. Following that the deforming process takes place. Preform molds are cooled and then opened to eject the bottles. These preforms can also be made into various shapes.


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