NYC Has 3.2 Million Tons of Trash Where Does it Go? – EDUCATION WEBSITE

ens to their garbage following the trash pickup. NYC is a major producer of trash every day. Totes and tons of trash can be very difficult to dispose of. This video shows you exactly what happens to all the trash NYC creates.

Surprisingly, significant amounts of garbage are taken to power plants which use it to generate energy and power. Making use of energy produced by waste can help reduce carbon footprint as well as provide sustainable energy. The waste is taken up to Global Transfer Station and between 8 to 9000 tons of trash is deposited in a 93 feet deep storage pit prior to being incinerated to produce energy.

This video will give you some background information about NYC’s waste management practices in the past. The video also demonstrates how they do today. Department of Sanitation does today. This video will explain what the future of garbage management looks like. The film demonstrates how the city that is second in population found sustainable and innovative ways to manage the waste they produce. Learn about the workings of the facilities for burning waste, as well as learn how enormous quantities of garbage are taken to the outside every throughout the day.


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