How to Repair Your iPhone All By Yourself – Technology Magazine

anaged to make it mandatory but not quite. If you’re prepared to put a few hours and a little money in your own phone repair You can avoid going to the repair shop.

To open your iPhone You’ll require an exact screwdriver. Once the screws have been taken off, you can take off the adhesive that secures the screen and battery down.

It is important to be cautious when replacing components, because the functionality could be lost. As an example, a replacement of the Home button could not work with Touch ID. Also, be sure to maintain your screws in order. They may be hard to identify and could end up damaging your phone further if you return it to the wrong place.

Make sure that you ensure that the Activation Lock setting is turned off before wiping the phone. If this setting is not off, you’ll need to have the Apple ID and password to allow your phone to be used again.


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