Reglazing a Bathtub – Blogging Information

A YouTube clip “Reglazing and Transforming and Old Bathtub” will show the ways an old bathtub can be refurbished and renovated by an bathtub renovating business.

In the beginning, take off the bathtub temporarily from the wall. Make use of a knife that can get rid of any caulk or other debris in the tub’s hole. Remove any stubborn stains using bleach. Then wash the entire surface with the abrasive cleaner. Cleanse the tub thoroughly using clean water. Make use of drop cloths, or painter’s tape to seal the tub. Because the epoxy coating is difficult to remove, be careful of spills and drops.

You can use etch powder to make the tub duller and to adhere the coating. After that, use sandpaper remove the tub. Sanding is essential when you do not have any paste for etching. Wash the tub thoroughly and then dry it using a towel.

In the end, you can apply the epoxy layer to your surface. Alternate between vertical and horizontal areas. Then reapply the caulk. The bathroom is now reglazing.



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