Which Tire is Right For Your Vehicle? – Custom Wheels Direct

It’s essential to maintain it. The first step is to find the perfect tires that will get the best you can from your vehicle. There are several kinds and brands of tires you can purchase from a shop that sells tires. In this video, we will demonstrate how to select the right size of tire to fit your vehicle.

The number of three digits printed on the wheel signifies tire the width. The tire’s width is measured in millimeters. The three-digit number follows by the two-digit number , which is the aspect ratio. The wheel’s measurement is from bead-to-bead. Then, a second two-digit number is the size of the tire was designed for. Interestingly enough, each wheel actually has 1/2 inch on the sides, which is more than what was it is specified. Thus, a 9-inch wheel can actually be described as 10 inches wide. The knowledge gained from this can be used to determine the proper size wheel for your specific needs. For example, you can change the actual diameter of 10 inches to millimeters. The general rule is to have to have a sidewall that is nearly vertical while the tire is mounted on the wheel.



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