What Causes Cavities – Big Dentist Review

its. This video will explain how to avoid cavities. If you are experiencing pain that persists longer than 7 days, see your dentist.

The microbes living in your mouth can cause cavities. These microbes have been present since before birth and remain. If you give them excess sugar, these bacteria may cause cavities. They are known as Mutans Streptococci. They create acid while they consume the sugar. As the acid causes enamel to disintegrate and become brittle, this can be a major issue. If left unchecked, this acid can burn down to the inner layer of your teeth , referred to as Dentin. The nerves and blood vessels in your teeth reside in Dentin. If acid and bacteria reached through the dentin, you’ll surely feel some pain. It is however important to avoid making a hole that long in the first instance. This is why brushing as well as flossing your teeth are so important. Brush away any sugar that has accumulated so that the microbes aren’t eating it , and then produce acid that burns.



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