How to Prepare for RV Storage – Custom Wheels Direct

here is probably a time of the year you’ll need to are able to store your RV. There are a few points to consider when you are trying you can organize your RV to store it. We will be sharing some valuable tips on storage for RVs.

First thing to do when getting ready for storage is to wash the interior as well as the exterior of your RV. As you clean, you are able to inspect your RV for cracks and holes in the exterior. It is crucial to safeguard your self from damage caused by water.

A crucial thing to keep in mind is that you must store your RV indoors , or underneath any other type of cover. Your RV is protected against the elements when you’re not in use.

The final storage suggestion we are going to talk about is the tires. When you are storing your RV, you must pump the tires up to the appropriate tire pressure. Find the proper tire pressure in your user instruction manual. After the tires are inflated it is recommended to place them on a block that will keep them securely in place. It is not a good idea for the RV to be moving around while it’s stored.



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