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fertilizer to the pasture system. You can also save money in the process of making fertilizer using farm waste. It’s simple and affordable to use vegetable scraps and grass clippings to make fertilizer for your farm.

Small Farm Tools and Equipment: Investing

Agriculture is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. The way to farm was mainly with livestock as well as manual equipment. But these methods have become obsolete. Industrial revolution has made farming more affordable and accessible to farmers. But, there’s still an appetite for smaller farm equipment and equipment.

The farm implements are able to be connected to equipment or animals who work alongside them. They can be used to aid in the making the soil. Some of the equipments include the following:


This is among the small farm equipment and tools used for pulverizing or tilling the soil.


This is among the smallest agricultural tools and equipment utilized to cultivate between rows, creating furrows, as well as plowing vast spaces.


Used for cultivating between rows, forming furrows and plowing massive expanses.


It’s utilized for pulverizing and tilling out the soil.

Seed Drill

This is used to ensure that seeds are planted at the proper depths and distances.

Hand Fork

This is among the little farm equipments and tools employed for lifting and transplanting seeds and plants, as well as lifting, stirring, and incorporating compost into the soil.

Pruning shears

Type of scissors equipped with an edge that is razor sharp. It can be used to slice plant stems and branches.


The tool you are using is just one of the various small instruments employed in agriculture to dig into, mix and then dispose of garbage.

The Chopper

It’s one of the smaller farm t



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