How To Home Bathroom Remodeling – UNM Continuing Education

oom. The bathroom that has been renovated recently offers numerous benefits. The benefits include an increase in the value of your house, security and improved function of plumbing. This is exactly how experienced bathroom remodelers accomplish this.

Step 1: Disconnect the bathroom fixtures
The first step is to remove all fixtures in your bathroom. The bathroom is comprised of all the furniture and toiletries. It’s important to make sure that you can easily move things around during the renovation.

2. Remove the wall.
Next, you must remove the walls that are dry around your bathroom. Once you’ve removed the walls, check the bathroom frames to see if everything is functioning. After which, screw the new drywall in place and put it up it properly. Paint the walls and leave them dry for 24 hours.

Step 3: Do the flooring, and then install new fixtures.
New flooring installation is feasible. In the following step, install the latest fixtures and make sure that you’re by considering plumbing. Verify that everything is operating inside the plumbing system.

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