Learn How to Make a Custom Leather Stamping Die – Family Reading

the amount of force and pressure, thus choosing the appropriate material is vital.

To make sure your personal leather stamping device is perfect, you need the best materials.

Once you have printed your stamps connect them to your rods in order to hammer on the patterns. Be sure that the rods have been made to lengths of 5-6 feet prior to securing the rods. The aluminum rod by using a cold saw, and then smooth away the sharp burrs with an iron hand file. The first step is to create an area for stamping. In order to do this, put your pounding block on the top of the marble or on a similar work surface.

For a case to protect your leather to ‘case’ your leather, spray water on both sides. The leather should be damp but not completely soaked. The leather that is dry is difficult to stamp as well, while leather that’s too wet will lose the patterns that are stamped.

This video will demonstrate to you how to create the leather die. All you’ll need are the right materials and tips to create the perfect die.

Watch these videos regularly for more information. xt91bf3m8l.


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