Common Core Drives Increasing Montessori Enrollment –

across the United States. The distinctions are in the method in which information is provided and relationships between students and teachers. It is important to consider these differences by parents before answering the question “Should my child attend one among these Montessori schools?”

Montessori preschool programs emphasize playing-based learning. It is not the case that routines and worksheets in traditional preschool programs have been eliminated. Early childhood education with Montessori guidelines gives children more liberty to explore their interests and to learn by themselves. Montessori’s Montessori Montessori Elementary Curriculum puts greater emphasis on demonstrations and visual materials.

Another aspect that is unique to the Montessori method is that it is a focus given to individual students as opposed to the group learning activities practiced at other schools. It is possible to achieve this by having a significantly lower ratio of students-to-teachers that is common in public schools.

Parents should realize that any academy Montessori center will aim for the purpose of helping students prepare for college and the world as a whole.



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