What Size Settlement Can My Car Accident Lawyer Get For Me? – American Personal Rights


Every client is given an agreement determined by a number of variables. A lawyer will gather a wide range of data and creates a target settlement request amount. A major factor in determining the settlement amount is medical expenses. The client has to present all medical expenses to their attorney in order to discuss settlement. Another issue that could affect a client’s settlement is automotive repairs. Loss of wages from work are calculated into the settlement amount request.

Attorneys will also consider how much fault they owe. A few states may adopt a law that allows their plaintiffs to receive a settlement but only in the event of a fault that is not attributable to them. For example, a plaintiff who is 40 percent responsible for an accident would only be paid $60,000 of the $100,000 settlement.

There’s a high chance that the client will likely to receive a large amount of money. A figure cannot be given prior to the consultation with an lawyer.


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