5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy Through Winter – Dog Health Issues

The winter season for dog owners can be a significant concern for the wellbeing of their pet. If not addressed immediately it can lead to issues for the dogs’ paws. Paws for dogs were made to move on flat or dirt surfaces. They may be unable for dogs to control tiny stones and other particles in the snow. Paws of dogs can be damaged by cold temperatures of melting snow or the ice.

The dog could get sick when this occurs. It is possible to avoid infections by being prepared. Find out how you can keep your dog healthy during winter. The best thing to do is trim your dog’s nails as soon as possible in order to keep these problems from happening. This will ensure that the pet’s feet won’t be cut by long nails, which could cause injury to them. Additionally, this will stop the excess fur from freezing between his toes.

3. Exercise Moderately

Another tip of how to take care of your dog during winter months is to provide moderate physical activity. It will be tempting to let your dog be outside in the snow throughout the day however, they should not be too active. Pets with shorter hair or thin coats are at risk of at risk of getting frostbite as their bodies lose heat more quickly than those with thicker coats. Keeping them from exercising too much during the winter months can help a lot.

If you are forced to take to the park or let your pet run in the open, ensure he has a warm place for him to get back in and wash off his body before letting the pet to be near heat sources, fireplaces, stoves, and other sources that can cause skin to blister and possibly leaving him feeling ill. During the winter months most owners do not exercising their pets because playing outside is not safe or feasible. But, it’s also an era when fat-derived tumours and cancers are most prevalent.

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