3 Types of Scrunchies – Ceremonia GNP

The popular crafting YouTube Channel Mama Project looks at how to create three different types of scrunchies.

The first is an normal scrunchie. Take a section of fabric that is 55×10 inches in size and an elastic (20 cm). Then, sew 5 cm across the edges and on the front of the fabric. To create a tube reverse the fabric. You can use a small stick or chopstick to assist in reversing the fabric, if your fingers are too big. Sew a circle. Attach the elastic band. The fabric is pushed forward as you are inserting it into the band. This creates the appearance of scrunched up. Make a hole. Take off loose threads.

Pom-pom scrunchies are comparable as regular scrunchies. The only difference is that they require 30 pom-poms together with your elastic band and fabric. Mama Project prefers a transparent fabric to make the pom-poms stand out. Once you’ve created the tube, push the pom poms inside. They’ll move around when you wear your scrunchie.

The 3rd type of scrunchie is one using lacing. It’s the same requirements like a standard scrunchie, except that you have 60cm of cotton lace. You’ll have to attach the lacing to the edges of the fabric prior to sewing. You can remove the pins while you sew. 85fk1kblca.


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