What Are the Steps in a Fire Sprinkler Inspection? – 1938 News

But what actually happens during the fire sprinkler inspection? Let’s take a look at the fire sprinkler inspection. The first item the company conducting your inspection will examine is the heads of your sprinkler system. To make sure that your sprinkler system isn’t affected, they’ll perform walks through the area. It is important to do this, as it makes your sprinkler system impossible to eliminate or stop a fire. The next step is to test the main water supply line connection. It doesn’t matter whether you have dry pipes or a wet pipeline system, a connection to the line for water is vital for the fire sprinkler’s operation. Without a water supply in place, it’s not possible to put out or extinguish the flame. Regular inspections of your home or business can help ensure the safety of everyone. 6rpklq6e3i.


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