Understanding Legionnaires Disease – News Health

Patients can get sick from this disease anytime of the year. However, more illness has been reported in the summer and fall. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize this illness since the signs and symptoms are similar to those of other types of pneumonia. This illness can be manifested by high temperatures with chills, coughs as well as severe headache. In some cases, patients may be suffering from headaches, or even muscle pains.

In most cases, symptoms will begin two to 14 days following exposure to the bacteria. The effects of the disease are often severe, and sometimes life-threatening. It’s usually treated using antibiotics. The microbe that triggers the disease are usually present naturally in environments, mostly humid ones. The bacteria thrives in warm water. It can be found in hot tubs and hot tanks for water as well as larger plumbing installations. It is transmitted to people after breathing in the vapor that is contaminated by Legionella. l3k69ky1px.


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