Building a Wood Chicken Coop – CEE News

The process of building involves several elements. In general, chicken coops, are hard to build because they need to be made to fit you require. A bigger coop may be essential if there are many chickens. Perhaps you’ll need the smallest coop, if your chickens are small. The coop is going to be expanded. He is going to make an hen house in order to separate them from the roosters. Starting with the floor of the hen house, begin with the horizontal studs. He is using 12-foot plywood. He seals it, even although the wood isn’t waterproof. He drills holes in the wall. He also uses vertical squares to make openings. Weatherboards can be used in order to protect against extreme weather. They are a great strengthening the cage. Nesting boxes are a great way to protect your hens. Although the construction isn’t easy but following this tutorial can be beneficial to you. Stay tuned for more information, tips, and tricks on how to construct a wood chicken co-op. 4p4u3v6c85.


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