Be the Best SEO Content Creater You Can Be!

Search engines

Search engine optimization is more important than ever. This is why, seven tenths of users go to the organic links rather than the advertisement links, which are pay per click (PPC). The best Seo content creater will build links on social media and blogs to attract attention from others users. The attraction happens because the more optimized a site is, the higher it will be on search engine ranking. Why is that important? 75 percent of users do not look past the first page on a search engine.

If you do not want to put time into SEO and are fine with ranking the second page, then you should be fine with sacrificing three quarters of possible customers. Search marketing is important to gain first time visitors. That is because 93 percent of users first times online will be using a search engine as the initial visit to start out. Also, it is estimated that 88.1 percent of users 14 and up will look for products online to buy.

Search marketing, more commonly SEO, will build the traffic from users that every web site covets so dearly. Invest the time into search marketing to be on the way to being a top SEO content creater! After all, a 16 billion dollar industry is probably a good place to put your money.


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